Micro-Businesses Paid £180,000,000 More Than Larger Counter-Parts

In 2013, 45% of micro-businesses were on default tariffs

Most significantly, the reasons behind this are due to weak customer engagement of micro-businesses. But also a lack of price transparency for suppliers of the tariffs available to them.

Gecco Energy simplify this with a easy to read price comparison table. This helps you understand at a glace where the best savings will be made, between supplier and supplier, and also between one tariff and another.


2014 micro-businesses paid £180 million more

Many smaller businesses see energy management as a burden. The most outlined reasoning behind this is energy spend. Because for most smaller business this is such a small outlay in the grander scheme of things, energy is not seen as a priority, and viewed more so as a waste of time.


But surely the figures speak for themselves

Gecco Energy work with businesses large and small businesses and you might be surprised to hear this, but the clients which see the most savings are smaller businesses. This is because these clients are most likely being charged higher rates. Quite simply, if you consume less than your next door neighbour, you will pay a higher rate than said neighbour.


Is this fair?

We don’t think so. Being a transparent energy consultancy we thrive from being able to help our clients firstly understand the difference between the tariffs available to them, and lastly gain a competitively fair rate every-time.

Gecco is a family run company, as such we have a friendly consultative approach. Please feel free to call 01422 311 643 and speak to a member of our team for our advice on how to reduce your businesses utility spend.

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